Born in Ireland to keep you active and chafe free.

Our journey began in 2017, Run Glide products have been designed for anyone looking to maintain their skin, protect and achieve their goals. Run Glide Blam is
for anyone who is active, from running a marathon to simply going for a walk, cycle or swim. Run Glide Balm will help you attain your goals whatever your actitivy.

“The Fun Never Stops”

Don’t leave home without it !

Prevention is better than cure. We encourage  all athletes to be pro-active with regards to chafing. A little skin irritation may not matter much but it can soon advance to chafing, blisters and raw skin. In some cases your body can become open to infection if not treated. Stop skin irritation before it starts with Run Glide Balm.  The best way to prevent and maintain healthy skin is to stay chafe free. Run Glide is your go to Anti Chafe Balm of choice

Run long  Run often  Run free!