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Great product first time using it and no blister On any of my long runnerDefinitely recommend this product


RG is great gear. Used it for tempos, speedwork & long runs, all in hot weather. Not a bit of chafing, will highly recommend it!!


Fab item….really easy to use and although small easy enough to carry around…one application on my inner thighs was all I needed though for a whole day of walking around…brilliant as usually can be very sore

S Davis

Great Product Fast Delivery Really good to prevent chafing on the Cross trainer or Bike

Dr Kevin Rafferty

I love your product! It helps me to wear shorts and not have my thighs chafe but the real problem. Good job

David James

Great ProductJust wanted to send an e-mail to state that run glide anti blister and chafing balm is THE BEST PRODUCT EVER !!!!!! I have suffered horribly from blisters, so bad that I had to seek medical advice, not anymore. I have enjoyed this summer with no problems at all, thanks to this product. Once again thank you.

Laura S

Brilliant !!Hi!!I just wanted to reach out to you guys and let you know that your product literally saved my first trek! I started chafing on the second day and seriously thought my hike was going to be over. I applied Run Glide that night and morning and i never had any further issues. Thank you so much.

John Doc

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